REMEMBERING: Poetry at Willow Glen Books

Welcome to Poetry at Willow Glen and to the upcoming book, Remembering, an anthology of poems, soon to be published by Jacaranda Press, San Jose, California.

The anthology Remembering, is a sampling of poems read by local poets from the South Bay community at Willow Glen Books, one of the last-standing local independent bookstores in San José that closed its doors in the summer of 2009. Two-term U.S. Poet Laureate (2001-2003) Billy Collins, refers to an anthology of poems as an assembly of poems based on the poets’ “willingness to deliver immediate injection of pleasure”. This is exactly what Remembering accomplishes.

The themes of the poems are as varied as the imagery is diverse. The collection captures the essence of the spirit and enthusiasm of the poets’ collective voice. Remembering is a celebration of poets and their poems and nearly two decades of dedication to the community at the Willow Glen bookstore—of showing up and being there, to read and recite, and promise not to disappoint. This is the definition, as I see it, of being a poet.

Remember to check back from time to time for updates.


6 thoughts on “REMEMBERING: Poetry at Willow Glen Books

  1. The community of people who connected through Willow Glen Books deeply regret the passing of the bookstore. I am, as I am sure others are, very thankful to Cathey Atkins for the years of pleasure she has brought the community with her well stocked bookstore and to creator of Fall For Poetry At Willow Glen for letting us know of the Anthology of Poems and the memories these poems will stir in our hearts.

    Jean Emerson

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