PRESSED AND PROOFED: Poems read at Willow Glen Books

Good news awaits poetry lovers in San Jose, California, as January springs into February, 2011.

The Poetry anthology, Remembering, commemorating the monthly poetry readings at Willow Glen Books for nearly two decades, has finally been to the press and back for proofs. Fifty seven poets have contributed their poems and there are 107 poems in all, each creating its own music, telling its own story, and each painting its own masterpiece.

It took several months to carefully select and sort the bunch of poems, ensure they met the specifications, and group them according to their variety to produce a quality blend with the right flavor. The resulting vintage now pressed and ready to be bottled has brought several months of passion and toil to fruition.

We invite you to uncork the samples, breathe in the aroma, and get your first taste of the contents. Let the words linger deliciously in your palate and allow yourselves to be surprised. You will not be disappointed.

Browse through the tabbed pages and feel free to comment. You can also find us on Facebook.

Check this website from time to time for further updates and notifications about the availability of the anthology, and subsequent poetry readings in the community.

4 thoughts on “PRESSED AND PROOFED: Poems read at Willow Glen Books

  1. It’s so close now! Thank you, Pushpa, for all of your hard work through this process. Can’t wait to read this collection!

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