…IS IN THE EATING…Come get a taste of it…

REMEMBERING is now in print. It’s three-dimensional.

Published by Jacaranda Press, the book was released today—sizzling hot off the press.

Stay tuned for updates regarding a celebration for all you contributors, and upcoming readings by the contributors. Expect to partake and participate…

If you do away with the traditions of the past, then you must first replace them with something of value.
Bantu proverb from Robert Ruark’s Something of Value

I’m sure many will agree that REMEMBERING, an anthology of poems read at Willow Glen Books is not just poetry between the covers of a book to be put away once read.

It is symbolic of the live reading that started at Willow Glen Books, and has now migrated and assimilated into the readings at the San Jose Public Library at Willow Glen on Minnesota Drive, just around the corner from Lincoln Avenue, where the readings originated.

You will find some interesting background about how the poetry readings began long before Willow Glen Books came to be. Some of you will recognize names and faces from earlier readings.

Many, like me, will be glad to make their acquaintance in upcoming events.



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