The word’s been out, and in no ordinary language. Just more poetry in Volume Two of The Willow Glen Poetry Project—No Ordinary Language.

This volume has surpassed Volume One, Shared Light, by 58 pages. And why not? Our audience at the featured poetry reading and ensuing open mic, held monthly at the Willow Glen Branch Library, has grown in numbers, and at times, with no standing room. It’s always encouraging to see new faces, some who have never read before, and some recently moved to the South Bay. And then there are those dedicated poets who attend every month, and a few noted poets, who come all the way from Santa Cruz and North Bay, who grace us with their presence.  

Such is the mix of poets reading at Willow Glen Poetry, and as such, the mix of poetry, you will find in Volume Two of The Willow Glen Poetry Project: No Ordinary Language, dedicated to the Listeners. “Without you, poetry is only a room of empty chairs.”

No Ordinary Language


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