MARCH 2014
Everything We Call Ordinary: “And I thought, all these things don’t seem that much like life, when you’re doing them, they’re just what you do, how you fill up your days…” – Alice Munro

This is Mark Heinlein’s first book of poems published by Tourane Poetry Press. Mark was the honored featured reader in March 2014 at the Willow Glen Poetry Project Series held on the third Thursday reading at the Willow Glen Public Library in San Jose, CA.

BookCover sm

It was a full house, with barely standing room—quite an occasion! The first copy of Mark’s book was hot off the press that very day. But Mark undeterred, and being the sport he is, took orders for his book and grandly displayed a framed book cover on an easel. He thanked Nick Crawford for taking pains in designing the book cover, and showed his immense gratitude to Vuong Vu, the publisher. It was obvious that this was a very touching moment for Mark’s parents, who were in the audience in the front row, and mighty proud of their talented son.

With Vuong

If you haven’t had a chance to hear Mark Heinlein’s wholesome monologues, please take a few minutes to sit back, put your earphones on, or not, and listen. What you hear will probably sound like your own story—one you never told anyone, or even spoke aloud to yourself. Well, that’s the difference—Mark has the gift of telling a story—everything we call ordinary—really well. There is value to that. Listen. Enjoy. Then take pride in whatever you do.  Mark can show you how. 

Here are some of the recordings of Mark’s poems from the Willow Glen reading. You will agree that Mark Heinlein’s reading is totally unabashed, genuine, and quite extraordinary.

You can keep up with Mark Heinline via his blog at http://markheinleinpoetry.wordpress.com/.


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