Getting Gutiérrez to read again at Willow Glen was a splendid idea. His recent collection of poems are beautifully put together in A World Less Away, and his reading, exhilarating. A World Less Away, was published in 2016.

A World Less Away

“A World Less Away is a honeycomb, blackbox, dream codex and memory palace. These poems traffic in the interstices of our lives where the quotidian is imbued with meaning and hums with  metaphysical unrest. By turns existential, surreal and elegiac, the poems in this collection take swerves that are sure to transport the reader to the oneiric side of reality, while never losing sight that flesh was the first simile/ we were given/ to feel, conjure, / never truly inhabit.

Jose Luis G

José Luis Gutiérrez is a San Francisco-based poet. His work has appeared in Margie, Poemeleon, Cortland Review, Hawaii Pacific Review, Xavier Review, Caliban, and Kestrel. His poems have been included in the anthologies Mutanabbi Streets Starts Here and 99 Poems for the 99 Percent, and is forthcoming in Poetry Salzburg Review, Ilanot Review, and Chiron Review, Lotus-Eater Magazine, and Bitterzoet Magazine among others. *****




Barbara Saxton had some surprises at the last Third Thursday reading (Feb 2016) at Willow Glen. We were well aware of her poetic side and her humor, but see what else she has up her sleeve.

What a fabulous performance! The young man is David, Barbara’s son, another accomplished Saxton who juggles between strings and percussion. There’s more to come soon. In the meantime, here is a poem Barbara read before she had us mesmerized.


THIRD THURSDAYS. . . “a friendship of poems and poets,” in the words of Nils Peterson. He wrote the blurb for the recently published Willow Glen poetry anthology, Third Thursdays that encompasses poems read at the Willow Glen between September 2012—August 2013. “It is a toast with the wine of words. As you read, yo can feel the energies of the poems wanting to be heard, their desires for an ear to live in—yours. It is also an invitation to become a friend and join the Willow Glen Library poets. . . here is a campfire to warm the heart.”

The layout plus cover was designed by Diane Moomey using photographs by Sandip Bhattacharya, and the anthology arranged and put together by Pushpa MacFarlane, the editor of this Volume Three of the Willow Glen Project Series.

TT anthology

The Willow Glen Poetry Project (WGPP) puts forth a series of poetry readings on the third Thursday of each month, and hosted by the Richardsons, Dennis and Christine. The WGPP includes several other members who take turns in editing the various volumes of poetry churned out by the group. Including the aforementioned, the other members are Kelly Cressio-Moeller, Jerry Dyer, David Eisbach, Jean Emerson, Jeffrey Leonard, Renée Schell, and valuable guest editors.

Most of the contributors to this volume of poetry have possibly received their copy of the anthology already. Those of you interested in buying extra copies, please get in touch with Dennis and Christine. The books are available on the day of the readings: third Thursday of every month. You can also check Amazon if you aren’t able to attend the Thursday readings.

We look forward to the next publication that will include poetry at Willow Glen read between September 2013 through August 2014.