Getting Gutiérrez to read again at Willow Glen was a splendid idea. His recent collection of poems are beautifully put together in A World Less Away, and his reading, exhilarating. A World Less Away, was published in 2016.

A World Less Away

“A World Less Away is a honeycomb, blackbox, dream codex and memory palace. These poems traffic in the interstices of our lives where the quotidian is imbued with meaning and hums with  metaphysical unrest. By turns existential, surreal and elegiac, the poems in this collection take swerves that are sure to transport the reader to the oneiric side of reality, while never losing sight that flesh was the first simile/ we were given/ to feel, conjure, / never truly inhabit.

Jose Luis G

José Luis Gutiérrez is a San Francisco-based poet. His work has appeared in Margie, Poemeleon, Cortland Review, Hawaii Pacific Review, Xavier Review, Caliban, and Kestrel. His poems have been included in the anthologies Mutanabbi Streets Starts Here and 99 Poems for the 99 Percent, and is forthcoming in Poetry Salzburg Review, Ilanot Review, and Chiron Review, Lotus-Eater Magazine, and Bitterzoet Magazine among others. *****





Bert clicks with our Willow Glen audience. His pensive face is most welcoming when he gets to the podium to read. Then, like the morning sun it glimmers with mischief—the glint in his eye, ready to break out into hysterical humor—his words measured, and holding your attention.

Bert has been featured in many venues across California and also at the Green Mill in
Chicago, as well as various radio readings, including KPFA. He has produced an
Animation DVD of five of his poems in collaboration with the Santa Cruz artist Vanessa Stafford that can be viewed at www.Bert Glick.comAlso, Bert finished in Second Place for a poem in a juried contest that he read at the California Palace Legion of Honor, in San Francisco, September 2015. In December 2016, he was a featured poet at The Felix Kulpa Gallery in Santa Cruz. Most recently, in 2017 he was a featured reader on Channel 27 in Santa Cruz. 

Bert Glick in Santa Cruz CA USA, 1996 on Pacific Ave.

                   Cookie Aura   At Scruz   I Used to be Me


Here is a poem by Jean Emerson.


When the willows glitter with autumnal gold
And sugar maples become crimson torches
A small picture emerges in the corner of my mind

A drab green phone company truck always parked
Beside my college’s Inflatable Dream
A canvas tent attached to a utility pole

I smile at conspiracy theories
I do not believe
Rumors of FBI surveillance

I make jokes about that tell-tale clicking
On my phone line and I commiserate with
Pretend agents trapped in a DC basement

Obliged to monitor my teenage daughter’s
boy friend’s phone calls.
All those hours of sighs and silences

The advent of  Freedom of Information
Nixon’s surveillance list
Names everyone who attended my school

When willows gleam yellow
And maples shimmer their orange leaves
I long for the comfort of lack of information