Terry Adams worked in Palo Alto as a Vocational Counselor.
Terry Adams set up a car and motorcycle repair business, and later, a handyman business.
Terry Adams became a licensed contractor running a couple of crews.
Terry Adams tried fixing up and reselling houses.
Terry Adams became a manager in the Maintenance Department at Stanford University.
Terry Adams lives in Ken Kesey’s infamous 1960’s cabin in La Honda.
Terry Adams has a book of poetry called Adam’s Ribs.
Terry Adams was our January reader in 2018.

Terry Adams lives in Ken Kesey’s infamous 1960’s cabin in La Honda, California, that he rescued from destruction in 1998. And yes, Ken Kesey—the author of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.

Terry Adams has poems in Poetry, Ironwood, The Sun, WitnessCollege EnglishBellowing Ark, The Sand Hill Review, Quarry West, The Painted Bride Quarterly, and elsewhere. He emcees poetry events at the Beat Museum in San Francisco, and in La Honda, and reads regularly at the Waverley Writers in Palo Alto, as well as, at the Not Yet Dead Poets in Redwood City.  His first collection, Adam’s Ribs, is available from Off the Grid Press.   



Third Thursday Poetry Reading, January 2018